Jacques Gravel
Jacques GravelPartner, Chief Executive Officer
Entrepreneur, investor and business coach. More than 40 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies and owner of several companies in the field of sales and marketing. Specialized in mentoring and coaching, he manages möbel’s strategic business development plan and is involved in creating innovative solutions for our clients.
Jean-Philippe Dufour
Jean-Philippe DufourPartner, President
Specialist in integrated services logistics, inventory management and warehousing. He is also responsible for the company’s administrative management and finances. He is also in charge of the design team. He is the main link with Herman Miller, both at the Canadian and international levels.
Renaud Perron
Renaud PerronPartner, Vice President of Operations.
More than 25 years of experience in the installation of all types of furniture with a focus on all Herman Miller’s office and collectible furniture. No detail escapes him! He manages all of our operations and all the steps that are necessary to ensure installations with the minimum of deficiencies.
Dany Gravel
Dany GravelDirector, Customer Experience
Experienced sales and marketing manager. He is responsible for the development of the möbel brand and all initiatives surrounding the customer experience. He has an in-depth knowledge of our different product lines and brings this knowledge to the sales team for which he is responsible. Not a screw or bolt escapes his attention!
Rana Achkar
Rana AchkarSenior Designer
Possesses extensive knowledge of the industry and the various manufacturers, which allows Herman Miller’s innovative solutions to be put into perspective in order to specify the best products and other combinations of elements. Creative in her approach while keeping a pragmatic vision. She is also present on construction sites, comfortable with her hard hat.
Cristal Zavala
Cristal ZavalaSenior Designer
She is the dean of the design team, almost 15 years of experience and creative work with the Herman Miller product range. Dedicated, she works quickly and knows all the players in the market. She has over a hundred projects to her credit, from the smallest to the largest, but no matter the size, her commitment to excellence always remains the same.
Audry Sanschagrin
Audry SanschagrinHead, Project Management and Design
It is the central pivot around which all orders and other services that go to our customers revolve. She has the qualities and knowledge to manage all the processes put in place to ensure the smooth execution of all our projects. She is present on all construction sites and works closely with project management firms.
Jasmine Zakaib
Jasmine ZakaibSenior Designer
A specialist in the Herman Miller product line, she also has in-depth knowledge of all the other manufacturers that make up the entire offering we represent. She knows how to choose the right products that will allow us to meet our clients’ budget requirements. She loves to brainstorm with our partners / A&D firms.
Nicholas Blanchard
Nicholas BlanchardWork Environment Advisor
He is passionate about the commercial furniture industry and also benefits from a large network of contacts. He is up to date with all the new trends and knows the different players in the market well. In synergy with Dany, he contributes greatly to business development while being involved in the company’s strategic plan.