6666, rue Saint-Urbain, office 316
Montreal, QC H2S 3H1
514 871.4828

Management Team

Jean-Philippe Dufour, associate, president
514 871-4828 ext.101

Jacques Gravel, associate, CEO
514 871-4828 ext.105

Dany Gravel, brand manager, account director
514 871-4828 ext.103

Renaud Perron, associate, vice president
514 871-4828 ext.104

Rana Achkar, senior designer
514 871-4828 ext.102

Cristal Zavala, senior designer
514 871-4828 ext.102

Audry Sanschagrin, head, project management and design
514 871-4828 ext.106

Jasmine Zakaib, senior Designer
514 871-4828 ext.107

Nicholas Blanchard, work environment consultant
514 871-4828 ext.108

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